As you will no doubt know if you are looking at this page, anxiety is a nasty, frightening and debilitating experience.  It can range from a persistent nagging feeling, through to hypervigilance, to extreme fear and terror.  You can experience tightness in the chest, headaches, lack of concentration, panic attacks, and any number of physical and mental symptoms.  If not checked you start losing sleep and become mentally and physically exhausted, while still experiencing the constant pumping of anxiety which won’t let up.  We become hypersensitive to any stimuli, internal (eg bodily sensations such as your heartbeat or a churning stomach) and external, where any life event, however small, has become too much, and even sights, sounds and thoughts become overbearing.  We can be reduced to a palpitating and fearful heap.  We can’t think rationally and in extreme cases we might even find ourselves wondering if life is worth living.

Anger and irritability are also expressions of stress and anxiety.

There may be something specific that has kicked off your anxiety, or a series of events that have built up, or there may appear to be no particular reason at all that you can put your finger on.

Ideally this situation should be checked as soon as stress steps up to the next gear and the first symptoms of anxiety arise, but often we don’t realise what is happening until we have become that helpless heap, and can’t understand how we have got here.

Difficult as it might be to realise, it is your mind that has got you here.  As we become more stressed, our thoughts become more negative, and gradually they spiral out of control so that a neural pathway is formed in the brain which results in obsessively churning thoughts.

Hypnotherapy can help break that pattern by calming your mind and your body and restoring your mental balance.  It an help bring you out of the horrors and keep you out by helping you to recognise and manage future episodes.  It helps to change your response to things that distress you, and provides coping strategies.

Hypnotherapy can help at any stage of anxiety.  If you are suffering from stress we can stop it before it goes any further.  If you have fallen into the extremes of anxiety, hypnotherapy can bring back the positives into your life, and as your mind calms down, so you start to see things in perspective, and gradually the real you is restored.

There is a solution to how you feel, however helpless that feeling might be.  You can be helped.  We work together to change the way you think, to look for positives, to make plans, and with time you can find relief from these unpleasant symptoms.