Sleep Problems

If you are looking at this section, the chances are that you have experienced the misery that lack of sleep can cause – the daily struggle to get on with basic tasks and the nightly struggle with racing thoughts or physical discomfort.  You might have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, or waking too early and struggling to get back to sleep again.  It might be to do with a physical condition, or pain, or it might be to do with stresses and anxieties.  Often if you do manage to get some sleep it’s not enough and you don’t feel refreshed.  Sometimes we can sleep too much and this can have the same effect as not enough sleep – you don’t feel rested or refreshed and feel over-tired despite having slept for 8  hours or more.  During the free initial consultation I will explain why these things happen and what we can do about them.

Solutions Focused Hypnotherapy can help to naturally break the cycle of sleeplessness by reducing the amount we worry about things and by encouraging sleep using tried and tested methods.  You will be given a relaxation audio CD or download for you to keep.  The audio can make a real difference because if you listen to it before you got to sleep, it can help you to relax and let go of tension.