Smoking Cessation

Have you been thinking it’s time to stop smoking, but not quite got around to it?  Do you keep putting it off?  Can’t face it?  Have you tried unsuccessfully to stop?  Have you stopped and resumed after several months or even years?  Are you worried about smoking-related health issues?  A stop smoking Hypnotherapy session educates you in the long term health effects of smoking, explains what is actually in a cigarette, why smokers are more likely to suffer anxiety and depression in mid-life, the effects of nicotine on the brain, and the myths about addiction.  We discuss your smoking habits and how to facilitate change, and then reinforce your intention with a half hour hypnosis session designed to support you in your decision to stop smoking and “hold your hand” through the change.  One of my clients described it as “an extra level of security.”

Hypnotherapy to stop smoking consists of a single session, usually lasting around one and a half to two hours.  During the week before your session I will ask you to do some preparation to become a non-smoker which will involve making one or two changes around the house in order to make the transition easier on returning home after the session.

I must emphasise that I cannot simply hypnotise you to stop smoking or offer guarantees – if only it were that easy!  Hypnotherapy does however make it a lot easier and supports you in your intention by providing useful information about how our brains respond to nicotine, and how 98% of addiction is psychological.  It is the psychological response that Hypnotherapy helps with.  Nicotine leaves your body after 48 hours, and after that it’s purely your inner chimp taunting you.  I will explain what I mean by that during the session, and also how it will play tricks on you to tempt you, and present you with all sorts of propaganda to convince you to have a cigarette.  If you really want to stop smoking you can!  Hypnotherapy provides you with an added level of support.

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