Depression may be seen as the flip side of anxiety, and they often go hand in hand.  The symptoms are many and varied.  You may experience negative introspection and rumination, mental and physical fatigue, aches and pains, reduced libido, too much or too little sleep, low self-esteem, a persistent feeling of misery.  You may find that nothing interests you anymore, everything seems to be too much trouble, and you stop socialising.  You start to see only the negatives in life, you lose sight of the things that would normally bring you joy, and you may have suicidal thoughts as the situation spirals downwards.

It might be something specific that has got you down, or it might “just happen.”  Whatever the cause, Solutions Focused Hypnotherapy can help to bring back your interest in life and restore your mental balance by breaking the cycle of negative thinking, identifying the positives in your life and reinforcing them, raising your self-esteem and helping you to achieve refreshing sleep.  Gradually things regain their proper perspective and the real you is restored.