Weight Control

Having trouble controlling your weight or sticking to a diet?  Solutions Focused Hypnotherapy works on your mindset to put you in a the right frame of mind to help you stick to your plan to achieve your ideal weight.  Hypnotherapy has a good track record for weight loss, it works on the basis that when we are relaxed and happy we are more able to control our eating habits, so we work to reduce stress and to create a series of achievable goals which may or may not be diet related as hypnotherapy affects us on many levels.

It is a collaborative therapy, it is not a case of me “hypnotising” you to lose weight, rather we work together to support you in your intention, and the trance work reinforces what we discuss during the talking part of the sessions.

The initial consultation is free, during which I take some personal details from you, and we talk about what you hope to gain from the therapy and what you have tried so far to control your weight.  I then explain a bit about food and our relationship with it, also a simple explanation of how the brain works, what hypnotherapy is, and how the two work together.  This takes about an hour and is quite informal.  Subsequent sessions usually last up to an hour.  The number of sessions required varies considerably from person to person, but a rough average is around 8-12 if there are other issues to manage first, because sometimes weight problems are a result of underlying anxieties, or 2-3 sessions if it is a straight forward case of mind set and motivation.  You may need more than this, or fewer.  You will know, and we monitor your progress together.