A certain amount of stress is good for us.  It keeps us alert and able to perform better at certain tasks.  However, too much too often can lead to irritability, headaches, excessive worrying, panic attacks, restless nights, loss of libido, the feeling that everything is too much and that you are constantly “chasing your own tail.”  You might drink more than is good for you to try to calm down, or you might smoke heavily.  If not checked, stress can develop into anxiety or depression, or cause physical health conditions, so it is important to recognise when you are stressed, and to take action to prevent it from becoming something more serious.

Solutions Focused Hypnotherapy helps to reduce stress by aiming to lessen the impact of situations which are causing you stress.  These situations might be work-related stress, relationships, family problems, health worries, exam nerves, or they might be a build up of many little things such as next door’s  yappy dog, missing the bus, having an appointment cancelled, or an annoying phone call.  Or you might simply be doing too much.

We work together to form an achievable plan to reduce your stress levels, change your response to stressful situations, improve your sleep and achieve a life balance that is acceptable to you, thereby lessening your chances of developing more serious issues.