How Hypnotherapy Can Change Lives

This article has been authored by Tiesta Duggal, Founder of Navyam, The Mind And Soul Abode.

Hypnotherapy, a topic often pondered upon and having various points of views and myths attached to it, is actually one of the safest and the most efficient healing modalities.  It is known to date back several years and has strongly gained popularity across the globe, owing to its numerous benefits.

It is a process where, under the guidance of a Hypnotherapist, one is taken into a relaxed state of mind or consciousness where you’re neither fully awake nor asleep however have a heightened sense of consciousness, focus where the brain is much more receptive to positive suggestions as well as guided visualisations.  This not only helps people deal with specific issues but also helps them in attaining desired results and goals in life.

Some of the ways Hypnotherapy is making lives better are:-

1) Management of Stress and Anxiety – People are dealing with so much stress these days that it leads to emotional blockages and ultimately leading to anxiety and other mental health issues, hypnotherapy works as a great tool in managing this better and also reaching a state of relaxation and calmness.

2) Pain Management- Hypnosis is widely used as a complementing treatment in cases of pain management in diseases like cancer, joint problems, burns and various other ailments as it helps the brain receive positive suggestions through commands.  It is also being widely used around the globe for making the process of child birthing easier (Hypnobirthing)

3) Managing Addictions, Fears and Phobias – Hypnotherapy works on the root cause of various issues stored in the subconscious, and using the hypnotic commands and processes people experience great results to get rid of phobias and fears as well as also manage issues like addictions in an efficient manner.

4) Boosting Self-confidence and creating a better life – while we can use hypnotherapy to heal what’s not working best in our system we can also use hypnotherapy as a tool to release limiting beliefs, work on areas of our life’s which do not allow us to access our full potential and heal them thus leading to a shift in the mindset, increased focus, more confidence.

Additionally, Hypnotherapy can also be used for weight loss, relaxation, healing stored grief, past trauma and issues like sleep disorders as it works on by-passing the critical mind and creates a safe and receptive state for our brain to receive commands and suggestions.

While Hypnotherapy is a wonderful tool to access our innate potential and heal multiple facets of our lives, it is important to remember it works with the subconscious mind and thus must be used carefully and under proper guidance so as to ensure getting the best and the most appropriate results.

This article has been authored by Tiesta Duggal, Founder of Navyam, The Mind And Soul Abode.